57,000 Square Foot Studio!

Features Included:

  • 20,240 square foot column free soundproofed main stage
  • 20,025 square foot flex/mill or 2nd stage
  • 16,000 square feet of production offices
  • Completely silent air-conditioning and heat in stage and flex/mill
  • 42 foot clear height in main stage
  • 35 foot clear height in flex/mill
  • 8000A max power
  • 100+ parking spaces with a separate truck entrance
  • Art department bullpen
  • Executive offices
  • Conference room
  • Construction offices in flex/mil building
  • Camera lock up
  • 3 Large lunch and break rooms
  • Plenty of fenced concrete in the back for grip trucks and trailers
  • 12 Total loading docks in building, 6 in stage / 6 in mill/flex
  • 4 acre corner site
  • 39 offices
  • Only a 20 min drive from midtown Atlanta
  • Conveniently located off of Atlanta’s 2 major interstates I-85 and I-285.
  • Generous state tax incentive
  • Friendly and available Owners
  • Available by phone or email 8am-12am EST Contact Us
  • Book the studio for anytime 24 Hours / 7 days a week!

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Production Support Spaces

With a total of 57,000 square feet of production space, Atlanta Filmworks film studio has the space needed for any large television or film production.

atlanta film studio

Main Stage

20,240sf column free soundproofed stage with a 42′ clear ceiling height and studio silent HVAC

Great production facility for film and episodic televisions shows. Our main stage is 20,240sf boasting 42′ clear height ceilings. Along with our very high ceiling height our film studio also has a completely silent HVAC system (no need bringing in those pricey carrier units). Our HVAC system was purpose built to be studio silent and covers all of the main stage as well as the 20,00sf flex/mill attached space. Your cast and crew will here at Atlanta Filmworks Studio.

film studio atlanta

Production Offices

16,000sf of attached executive, art dept and production offices in the same building as your stage and mill.

Our production offices are plentiful and well designed. With our studio’s 16,000sf of production office space, there is more than enough room for your entire team. Our production office space includes an art department bullpen, executive and production offices, transpo and locations offices, as well as 3 large break rooms and a conference room.

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20,025sf of mill/flex space including construction and grip offices as well as camera lock-up

Just through an elephant door from the stage lies our 20,000sf mill and flex space. This portion of the facility comes complete with construction offices, camera lock-up and grip offices. Our recent clients have built 3 sets in this area and has utilized this space for extra stage space. This large flex space is located in the same building as the stage and production offices making it very convenient to everyone. Mill, flex, stage or whatever your production needs

Trust Our Numbers

Since our opening n 2013, Atlanta Filmworks Studio & Stages has been booked out straight with no down time. Being booked out for the past 4 years tells the story of comfort and trust. We work hard to keep our clients comfortable here at our Atlanta film studio. Our clients trust that we will continue to treat them with the upmost professionalism for the duration of their stay and beyond. We are owned and managed by long time industry professionals local to Atlanta and we understand your needs for a seamless production.


Square Foot Studio

Production Days Booked Straight with no Down Days

Years in business

Atlanta Filmworks Amenities

These are the things that make you feel right at home. Along with our great customer service, our amenities are designed to make your production run smoothly. These extra support areas and features bring comfort and ease to your booking and they are all included in the rental rate. Enjoy our film studio and if you need anything just call, we are here for you.

20,000+ sf Stage

A comfortable soundproof studio space

Our 20,000+ square foot Stage boasts 42 foot clear ceilings, studio silent air conditioning, an elephant door linking the mill to the stage and 6 dock doors. Our main stage also has an installed sound wall to ensure a quiet facility for filming. The stage has plenty of available power and is easily accessible …photos and more…

Studio Silent HVAC

Comfortable and quiet

Both our main stage and our mill delivers cold and quite air/heat. We have installed massive radiant heaters and 150 Tons of studio silent air conditioning that pumps nice and cold. Our air ducts are specially designed to silence the moving air while delivering comfort to your entire cast and crew. …photos and more…

Fenced Truck Parking

Security for your trucks.

With the good amount of concrete we have in the back of our Atlanta studio, you have room for your trucks and trailers. Not only do you have room but our truck parking is secure wrapped 360º in security fence. Our back truck lot has a dedicated truck entrance and exit that does not interfere with your crew parking….photos and more…

20,000+ sf Mill/Flex Space

Plenty of build space

Build space galore. Its really whatever you want it to be. Our Mill/Flex space comes in at 20,000+ square feet and has included construction offices, camera lock-up and the same studio silent air/heat that the main stage has. If you like you could even use it as a 2nd stage like our current clients are doing. …photos and more…

Loading Docks

Easily get your gear into the studio.

Our main stage boasts 6 sound insulated dock doors, this makes it easy to load in your gear and construction materials into the building. We don’t stop there, our 20k sf Mill/Flex space has another 6 dock doors making a total of 12. …photos and more…

Convenient Location

Easy to get around Atlanta

Atlanta Filmworks Studio is conveniently located off 2 of Atlanta’s major interstates (I-85 and I-285). Being located at this intersection gives our clients a unique advantage. Your crew will be able to access different locations around Atlanta quickly and easily. Locals call this intersection “Spaghetti Junction”… photos and more…

16,000 sf Production Offices

Office space for everyone

Our 16,000 sf offices include executive offices, production offices, construction offices, an art department bull pen as well as offices for transpo, locations, accounting, props, wardrobe and tons more. Our offices also has 3 break rooms, lunch rooms, a conference room and a courtyard. more…

8,000 AMPs Available Power

All about the power

Power power everywhere. We all know you need a lot of power to run the massive amount of lighting needed for a large production. With our 8,000 available AMPs you won’t run short. We have plenty of access points to the studio’s electricity all around our production studio. The electric room… photos and more…

Crew Parking

Space for your crew’s cars.

Our Atlanta production studio has over 100 stripped on-site parking spaces for your cast and crew. On top of the 100+ parking spaces, we have plenty of usable concrete in the back of the studio. If thats not enough, there are lots near by able to be rented for extra crew and cast parking….photos and more…

Call in anytime between 8am-12am EST to check availability or to get additional questions answered. (404) 630-0508

Email us anytime to schedule a tour or to request additional information. Info@AtlantaFilmworks.com

Need directions and our address? No problem, Click Here for a google maps link.